Smart Ways to Save Tons of Money at Target — Every Time You Shop

Target may have lost a bit of the chic “Tarjhay” reputation it once enjoyed, but it is still a go-to destination for shoppers seeking an optimal mix of style, quality, and decent prices. Everyone shops at Target, including celebrities: Beyonce, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez have been spotted on Target runs recently.

The problem with Target just might be that, what with the huge selection and generally low prices, it’s too easy fill your shopping cart with items you never set out to buy. In fact, Target’s social media team has made a habit of celebrating the fact that shoppers can’t help themselves and wind up going overboard while perusing the store aisles.

Speaking of which, here’s a shopping tip that will save you money at any store, but at Target in particular: Bring a shopping list, and stick to it. (Good luck!)

Here are some other ways to make sure you’re getting the best deals and saving the most money possible shopping at Target.

Get a RedCard

Naturally, the best credit card for shoppers to use at Target is the store’s own RedCard. It offers the simplest way to save — a flat 5% off nearly every Target purchase, in the store or online. You even get 5% off when you use a RedCard at Starbucks locations inside Target stores.

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There is no annual fee, and you get the 5% discount whether you elect for a debit RedCard or a credit card version. RedCards come with other perks too — like access to exclusive deals, an extra 30 days for returns, and free shipping on all orders (see below).

Just make sure that pay off your monthly balance in full if you have the credit card version of the Target RedCard. If you don’t, whatever savings you might have achieved will probably be negated by interest payments and fees.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

RedCard holders get free two-day shipping, with no minimum purchase required, for most purchases made at It’s an especially great deal if you prefer to make frequent small purchases online, as opposed to adding items into your virtual shopping cart to hit a minimum purchase threshold for free shipping.

It’s also pretty easy for shoppers to get free shipping from Target without a RedCard. Nearly all orders of $35 or more come with free two-day shipping. What’s more, during certain periods — namely, the winter holiday shopping season — Target has regularly offered free shipping and free returns to all online shoppers, including those who don’t have RedCards, without a minimum purchase requirement.

Shop With Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are good for the environment. Shopping with them at Target saves you money too. Target will give you a 5-cent discount for every reusable bag you use at checkout, every time you shop. It’s obviously not a huge savings, but the money can add up if you’re a regular Target shopper — and it’s totally free money in exchange for adopting a habit you should embrace anyway.

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